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abilities is trying to look out for us." only on current tv! >> welcome to "the young turks." we'll talk about snowden first. we have a lovely panelist with h me. ana kasparian, shana naomi krochmal and current, i guess. i have feelings about snowden. why don't you tell us what happened, and we'll get going. >> there is an exciting development in the edward snowden case. he's no longer hiding out in an argument. he has been granted asylum by russian officials. he can stay in russia unti until 2014. who knows what will happen to him. he may have to continue applying for asylum. there are many politician who is are upset about this news, they feel he should be extradited to the united states, and let's go to jay carney and hear what he has to say. >> we're extremely disappointed that the russian government would take this step despite the clear and lawful request in public and private to have snowden expelled to the united states to face charges against him. we have a wide range of interests with the russians, and we are evaluating the utility of the summit. >> now he didn't the on
to be with you. >> jayar jackson is here with us as always in the studio and then congressman alan grayson from the great state of florida. he's from the good part. of course, david sirota joins us, as well. we've got an all star panel here. david is hosting the war room this week. you should check that out, right before "the young turks." >> thanks for the plug. >> let's get started, guys, let me start in on the latest story about president obama and of course, the leader of russia, russian president vladamir put tin. president obama has canceled the meeting they were going to have in mass cow partly because of the edward snowden asylum issue. let's show a report and then discuss. >> u.s. russian relations have been strained and the kremlins decision to give edward snowden temporary asylum fueled the flames. today the white house announced that president obama will not meet one-on-one with president vladamir put tin next month when in you russia for an international summit. the white house said that there wasn't enough progress on the agenda to offmeeting, but there's also this. russia's disap
, but the reality is it's incredibly convenient timing, now let's let us let the rest of the people working with the government scare the daylights out of you. >> officials are focusing particularly on yemen. communications from the al qaeda after -- affiliate. >> i had a briefing with the vice president. it is scary. >> it could be a series of combined attacks. >> especially troubling, according to one senior u.s. official, surgically implanted devices. bombs in terrorists bodies. quote, these are guys who have developed the techniques to defeat our detection methods, which is why u.s. officials remain vigilant here at home as well, because of the potential threat to airplanes, trains, wherever large groups could rather. >> god i love that package. in news they call those little bites you see a package. because it had every element. they are waiting to strike. yeah, they are al-qaeda, they are always ready to strike. there are chilling details. any time you talk about bombings there are chilling details, and if you notice the music in the background ♪ la, la, la >> oh, my god they are c
>> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current. ♪ theme cenk: what's up? welcome to "the young turks." we had a great show for you guys. we're going to talk about terrific, housing, and then an american hero. >> ana kasparian. cenk: not ana kasparian. ok. you guys are going to be shocked. later in the program, we're going to talk about money and politics. you didn't see that coming on "the young turks." the final story is about how the smart t.v.'s spy in on you. fascinating with that you know what? it's go time. just wanted to do it for old time's sake. panel, the lovely and brilliant ana kasparian, though not an american hero. jayar jackson, catch him every night on the young turks.com, a totally different show. joe williams, joe, it's great to have you here. don't make me go through the whole resume of politico. let's talk about the terror attacks. turns out the terrorists have cracked the crowd, their on to us and know we're listening in on the phone calls and emails and have a new way of com
see police we don't like them. we don't talk to them. because all we see is they're abusing us. >> people pay rent and we're taxpayers and we work hard. we deserve some kind of respect and consideration from new york's finest. >> you have a lot of innocent bystanders and people that work and have a nine-to-five and they feel that they're being harassed. it's not fair. >> well now a federal judge agrees with them. the stop and frisk 90% of the time was applied to blacks and latino even though they make up only half of the population. the ruling said the city's highest officials have turned a blind eye to the evidence and conducting in a racially discriminatory manner, in their zeal to defend a policy that they believe to be effective and they have willfully ignored he overwhelming proof that this the policy of targeting the right people is racially discouple tore. no one should live in fear of being stopped whenever he leaves his home to go about the actives of daily life. tricia, let's ask you, she said this violated the fourth and the 14th amendments of the constitution. but i
abilities is trying to look out for us." only on current tv! ♪ theme cenk: welcome to one of the last ""young turks"" shows r. on current. we've got this one and they be we've got next week monday through thursday. you can always find "the young turks" on... that's right, it's very obvious, theyoungturks.com or you tube/what would be the letters, t.y.t., right? i'm just saying. we've got a great show four guys here tonight. later in the program, drums at fox news! is hannity out? all right. before we start on the n.s.a., great panel, ana kasparian, legendary cohost of "the young turks." >> that's right, legendary. >> on theyoungturks.com. things that should not have been forgotten were forgotten about how good she is. you should appreciate that lord of the rings reference. >> i got it. >> john iadrola. while you're on the web, hello, meteorite.com, noah roth man. i got away from your nickname, the roth man prophecies, which i've got to get back to. [ laughter ] cenk: all right. let's get started on the n.s.a. president obama was on the tonight show, talked to jay leno and
shows left. only three shows left on current. doesn't matter. you can find us every single day on "the youn theyoungturks.com. we're bringing in all the all-star for the final week, ana kasparian, and jayar jackson. lindsey marrone in the house. she is a former c.i.a. officer, with a book my life as a former c.i.a. spy. lindsey's in the building. she's in the building. all right. colonel morris davis joins us. he's a former gitmo chief prosecutor and a generally kick ass guy. we got a great panel four guys. let's get started on today's topics. well, president obama reassured us at the end of last week, don't worry, we're going to do some revisions here at the n.s.a., a little course correction, if you will. one thing we're going to do is an independent board of outsiders who will help us determine if we're doing the right thing with the n.s.a. and protect civil liberties and certainly protect against abuses. we find out today who will be actually picking that board, shepherding it and in the words of the administration, establishing the group. that will be the outsider known as james c
. oh, tugs at your heartstrings. don't you worry about a thing. where can you always find us? you know it by now, the young turks.com. so we've got an exciting show for you guys. i'm going to get angry at different portions of the show. that's always fun, but we're going to start with a very serious topic, and it's egypt. in egypt we have an absolute mess, 149 people killed, and it's the military who has moved against the muslim brotherhood. protesters in the streets blocking key intersections. i don't agree with the muslim brotherhood, i would vote against them with great fervor. i would vote against them, not shoot them. >> the streets were left chaotic. there is a dusk-to-dawn curfew in place. earlier violence erupted when the military used force to clear out two areas. they used armor and tear gas. the crowd fought back with rocks. a reporter from al jazeera english was there. >> there was smoke likely where they try to confuse the helicopters that are circling above. >> morsi supporters have staged demonstrations since he was removed from power last month. today this man said "ove
. >> as a great man once said, it's go time. >> it's literally time for us to go. in essence, it's go time for the whole show. i brought back all the all stars of "the young turks" here, literally young turks in terms of the guys who have been doing the show for a long, long time, ana kasparian, jayar jackson, and the epic man. it appears you're the last one there in the war room. >> actually, a lot of people having a good time, but once we punch out tonight, that's it. cenk: i want to reflect back on that some of the fascinating times we've had here, including the very first show and how we started on that first show. do you remember, this is how the first show began. ♪ theme [ cheering ] cenk: welcome to "the young turks." we've got an awesome show for you tonight. cenk: the smoke, that went out fairly early, good idea, bad idea? >> remember the clapping, like the clapping stood out to me, and how like on day two, we were like. >> i couldn't clap on day one. they were like come on, i'm like nah, i can't do it. when the clapping went on, michael and i talked all the time about the clapp
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9